Our members' welfare is our primary concern

Our members are held in the highest esteem and are at the Apex of our organization. PCCU members enjoy equal rights to vote at Annual General Meetings and to participate in decisions making on matters affecting the Credit Union.

Who we are.

The SVGPCCU was establish January 16th 2003 under the leadership of then Commissioner of Police Mr. William Harry and his team. The Credit Union replaced the Police Benefit Club which was set up as a compulsory savings club for Police Officers only. Since 2003, the Credit Union has grown and developed into a thriving and competitive institution with a growing financial base. By the end of its first financial year, the SVGPCCU Ltd had a total membership of three hundred and thirty (330) membership and assets of $515,000. The Credit Union continues to grow and, to date has a membership of two thousand plus (2000 +) with assets base of over $13 million dollars.

Our Vision

To be a Premier Financial Institution creating wealth for its stakeholder.

Our Master Strategy

The PCCU will retain a competent general manager; implement and sustain viable and cost effective programmes geared towards short and long term development of stakeholders; create new products and services and improve performance through a cadre of trained human resources.


Towards a Sustainable Financial Future.

Our Mission

"The St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Co-operative Credit Union Limited will provide high quality services in an efficient and effective manner to its strakeholders, thus creating sustainable development and financial growth"