• A complete registation Form
  • A complete Survivors  Benefit Form  (ages 16-55)
  • Two (2) form of identification.
  • Utility Bill
  • Job Letter /Salary Slip.
  • New Member Shares initial deposit of $590.00

Initial Payment of $590.00 is broken down as:

  1. Permenanet Shares $200.00
  2. Death Benefit $25.00 (paid annually).
  3. Six months of shares - 360.00( 60.00 per month)
  4. Entrance Fee $5.00

Student Loan

Prepare yourself for a brighter future. We at the Police Co-operative can assist you in getting your career you need in order for you to build a better life here and or aboard. 

Our Loans offers:

  • Acceptance letter (School/ College/University).
  • Copy of programme Cost.
  • Recent Salary Slip.
  • 10 years repayment period.

New Members must fill out both Membership form and Survivors Benefit

New Members

Survivors Benefit Form