Gadget Ready loans

This Loan product is granted solely for the purchase of gadgets i.e computers, cameras, cell phone, drones, iPad etc.


Terms of this loan does not exceed 18 months /1.5 years.

Rate of interest

7 % per annum or 0.5833% monthly.


  • A complete registation Form
  • A complete Survivors  Benefit Form  (ages 16-55)
  • Two (2) form of identification.
  • Utility Bill
  • Job Letter /Salary Slip.
  • An initial payment of $255.00

Initial Payment of $255.00 is broken down as:

  1. Permenanet Shares $200.00
  2. Death Benefit $25.00 (paid annually)
  3. Ordinary Shares $25.00
  4. Entrance Fee $5.00

New Members must fill out both Membership form and Survivors Benefit

Registration Form

Survivors Benefit Form

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